Speech and Language Therapy for Children and Teens

Serving Melbourne and Brevard County, Florida

We are a pediatric speech and language therapy clinic serving children ages 0 to 18 years in Melbourne and all of Brevard County. In providing speech and language therapy it is our mission to:

  • Provide a family friendly and personal service to you centered around your priorities for your child.
  • Use effective treatment approaches that lead to observable, and what we have come to believe will be, rapid changes.
  • And, provide support and education to families on what they can do at home to nurture and further those changes your children have begun to demonstrate in treatment with their speech, language, learning, reading, spelling, comprehension and auditory/listening skills as well as oral motor and feeding.

Delay or Disorder?

With a disorder or delay in speech, a child may have difficulty expressing a well-conceived thought, solely because they do not perceive or produce sounds correctly.


We are able to bill Tricare Standard Insurance, we are Early Steps Providers, and contract with Children’s Medical Services/CMS Medicaid, can bill Fee-for-Service Medicaid(straight Medicaid), United HealthCare Medicaid, and Prestige Medicaid Plans.


Considering speech and language therapy for your child?

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